A little background.

My daughter in love and my son, my one and only child are both deeply involved in Animal Welfare activities and have many like minded people come home for meetings and letting off steam. At times, the conversation tends to focus on adoptions of abandoned dogs and I inevitably quip to the person addressing the issue that I too am up for adoption as I do not see my DIL and / or Son much due to their very busy lives.

So, when DIL changed her DP on her WhatsApp page, I copy pasted the same on to a family group with the question, “Guess who stole my DP?”

I posted this on my Facebook page too and before too long, another member of my family, my one and only sister posted this in response.

You can see the play on the name of the author of that quote!

My earnest request to those who visit Facebook is to see the posts to see the comments there which took me to a different dimension of life.

And if you want to see how truly funny we are, you must visit this post and read all the comments there too.

Special Day.

For me, September 30 has always been a very special day as it is the birthday of three very special people in my life. The first, my late younger brother Arvind who would have been 74 yesterday had he just lived for two more months.

The next, my childhood friend and innovative farmer Babu about who I wrote here.
And the third, my lovely niece Vandana the actor director that I wrote about here.

So, yesterday was a day of mixed emotions till late evening when my daughter in love surprised me further with this.

And this:

A roller coaster day alright. First, in response to my birthday greetings, a longish WhatsApp message from Vandana all the way from California, next, a video Clip of Babu cutting a birthday cake, next the photograph right on top of this post coming up in our WhatsApp family group page and finally the last two photographs.



On the 21st of August we received a guest at home and this is what Ranjan had to say about her on his facebook page.

“Meet Brin! She was wandering by in our neighbourhood. Multiple wounds in various places. She appears to be 5 months old, and already with ear docked by an overzealous PMC. Could be operated, could not. Time will tell. Right now recovering and slowly coming back to life – she’s all skin and bones, it doesn’t show up much in the pic. Woof! ”

She was bedded down in our veranda with a lot of comfort after she was taken to a vet and various treatments prescribed for her. Manjiree treated her with medicines, ointments etc, fed her regularly and took her out for walks. For ten days she would not move out of her comfort zone but since the beginning of September, she started to and also started to make her presence felt by crying and howling when she wanted some attention. She had become quite active and had also put on weight sufficient enough for Manjiree and Ranjan to decide that she should go back to her own environment. It was heart breaking to send her off, but she is not meant for confined life in a house and needs more freedom and space. So, she bid us goodbye this morning and went off with them.

As I write this, it has been about eight hours and I miss her as does Chutki who keeps going up to the veranda to see what has happened to her!

Ranjan and Manjiree will keep an eye on her and there is a dog lover who feeds street dogs where she is located who too will keep an eye out for her to see that no harm comes to her.


ranjan and chutkiThis is my son Ranjan and the latest addition to our family, Chutki.  Chutki means ‘little girl’ and also a snap of the fingers.

Since I wrote about our Sunday outing, some comments and also some personal mails that I have received have enquired about Chutki and this post is set the record straight.

Ranjan and his bride Manjiree are deeply involved with animal welfare activities and are active with rescue work as part of a wide net work of volunteers who rescue stray animals and abandoned pets in distress till some solution is found.  They liaise closely with some privately run animal shelters, the Blue Cross facility and the Municipal animal shelter.  They often receive phone calls at all times of the day and night and rush to bring some help to animals in pain.  Manjiree’s two sisters and a niece are also in this voluntary work.

Over a month ago, Manjiree’s sister Anjali found that a stray pup that she had treated for mange in her neighbourhood was in deep distress after a motorist had hit her.  Manjiri and Ranjan brought her to our home to provide with a veterinary surgeon’s attention and it was found that she had suffered a shattered hip on her right hind leg and a clean fracture on her left hind leg,  Since then, the pup has been with us and about a week ago, Manjiree quietly came and asked if we could keep her permanently with us and I did not have the heart to say no.

The plaster has now come off and calcification in the hip has taken place and though she finds it impossible to climb steps, she is pain free and mobile but has to be carried upstairs or downstairs which Ranjan and Manjiree do frequently to take her to the garden.  She is a cheerful and intelligent pup and I am sure that with time she will develop into to a fine specimen.

When she was brought first to our home, she was being called Pinka which was the name that Anjali had given her but since that name is rather special, I have insisted that we change it to Chutki to avoid embarrassments like I had on a couple of  earlier occasions.

I hope that this explains the sudden addition to everyone’s satisfaction.