The Intern.


Catch me not going to a movie with Robert De Niro in it. Despite my partner in crime Ramesh being preoccupied with a second honeymoon as he calls it, I managed to go all alone to watch the movie earlier this afternoon.

And I fell in love with Nancy Meyers who has written the story and directed this film. For the first time ever in my film going experiences, I came across a writer and director who has understood men of my generation and has produced a character in Ben Whitaker, so ably portrayed by De Niro, with who I totally identified. When he tells one of his younger colleagues, “A man carries a handkerchief to give to ladies who cry’, my heart melted. The younger males portrayed are so real modern IT types that I meet all the time and I thought that this film could be made in India and the story would resonate with Indian viewers, at least in the cities.

I have seen Anne Hathaway in other films notably, Brokeback Mountain and Les Miserables. In this, she portrays the moving spirit behind a successful start up internet based company and she does a magnificent job.

What do I need to say about De Niro. For the first time ever, his portrayal, thanks to the storyline and superb direction, sends the message loud and clear that male roles showing gentle, kind and sensitive men can also succeed in movies. He produces such an unusual performance that my already high opinion of his histrionic ability got reinforced.

It is a fantastic movie, without any of the violence, melodrama, sex etc that seem to permeate modern films and I will be very surprised if it does not succeed in the box office and may even get an Oscar or two.

Don’t miss it. I wish that I could give a higher rating than [rating=6].

Les Misérables.


Yes, I experienced misery yesterday.

Other than the stellar performances by Russell Crowe and Anne Hathaway, both of who are favourites of mine anyway and I am likely to be prejudiced, there is little to recommend about this film. If you dislike films which try to depict reality with low light quality, this is a film most certainly to be avoided.

I went knowing fully well that I will feel miserable, because I am familiar with the story which has haunted my generation of Indians from childhood with Ezhai Padum Paadu a Tamil film version of the same story being very much part of our education and growing up. Needless to say, the novel had to be read to be discussed with peers who would otherwise think that you were uneducated. I developed a mild headache during the viewing which magically disappeared when we came out of the theater into bright sun light.

All was however not lost. I enjoyed the company of a charming young lady who perhaps had a worse time than I had seeing the movie, but who enjoyed the lunch that followed as much I did.




Yes, Greek Salad served in a triangular dish, Ratatouille Crepe and Apple Crumble in a restaurant called most inappropriately FLAG’S. The ambiance and the service was excellent and we were well fed.

So, if your outing includes an escapade for a good meal in a good restaurant to compensate, avoid the film.