Dear Zindagi.

Some friends had highly praised Alia Bhatt‘s performance in this film and despite not being a great fan of Shah Rukh Khan, I accompanied a friend to watch it before it got taken away from the screens.

I was impressed by Alia Bhatt’s performance. With every movie, she seems to be maturing into a remarkable actor. The last I saw her was in Udta Punjab where I thought her performance to be easily the best in the film despite other heavy weights in bigger roles. In Dear Zindagi, she plays a completely different role with aplomb and I am glad that I went to see her on the recommendation of my friends.

Shah Rukh Khan disappointed me despite playing his real life age for a change. Perhaps someone else like say Anupam Kher would have done better in the role of a counsellor. I guess that the film being a family production, and the subject being rather understated in our society, psychiatry, they decided to add him to the cast for insurance.

The rest of the cast. almost all. play more or less cameo roles, and that is perhaps why the film made such a good impression on me.

A big plus for great direction and cinematography.

Others who saw it with me, were not so impressed with the story line and I over heard them complaining that the technical aspect of counselling left much to be desired, but I think that considering the time constraints, it had to be kept tight and in that process, some sacrifices had to be made.

Two and a half hours of the feature film, ads and intermission taking the total to almost three hours in the theatre and commuting time added, the three and a half hours spent on it was worth while.

I recommend it to those who have not seen it already.

Ekkees Toppon Ki Salaami.


Anupam Kher is a versatile actor whose performances inevitably enthral me. He has played the roles of villains, comic characters, serious characters and other challenging roles like brother, father etc with elan and great professionalism. So, when I read in the papers that there is a new movie with him in it it was enough for me to agree to Ramesh’s invitation to go to it with him earlier this afternoon.

Paneer Roll

That the outing would include a visit to a favourite snack joint was icing on the cake and the Paneer Kati Roll was worth its weight in gold.

Ekkeess Toppon Ki Salaami defies description. It is at times comic, sometimes tragic, and at others emotionally charged up. I am not familiar with any of the other characters involved in the making of this film but I must confess that I was impressed with the overall effect of the picture in terms of acting, direction and photography.

Anupam Kher lived up to my expectations with a sterling performance. His best was in acting as a corpse. Not a very easy thing to do and he did it with ridiculous ease.

I recommend this to all my friends who would like to see an unusual but very entertaining film. I have no hesitation in giving the film a [rating=6] rating.