AI In Agriculture.

The vast majority of Indian Agriculture still follows the traditional methods of bullocks pulling ploughs and manual weeding and harvesting of crops. This is due to the landholding sizes being too small for mechanised farming though farmers with larger holdings do use power tillers, tractors and even harvester combines.

I see little scope for AI in our farming when there is still considerable scope for mechanising on the one hand and increasing return to organic farming on the other hand. The other AI, Artificial Insemination however is very popular and effective in our dairy sector which is still very much part of our Agriculture sector as even large dairies buying milk from small farmers who keep milch cattle as a side business to their main agricultural activities.

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Complicating Life.

We have enough complications in our life as it is and it is fascinating to learn of people deliberately going to find ways to complicate their lives.

Here is a story that would cause merriment to some and wonder to others.  To me, all it did was to create a desire to find out what exactly the advertisement said, and how the process was concluded.

Another Story On Unnatural Conception.

Yesterday I wrote about the IVF baby in Pune and before I could get around to answer all the comments that it generated, I came across another story in the New York Times “One Sperm Donor, 150 Offspring.”

I just quote a small extract and let my readers read the whole article to get a handle on what troubles me.

“Today there are 150 children, all conceived with sperm from one donor, in this group of half siblings, and more are on the way. “It’s wild when we see them all together — they all look alike,”

Wild? Weird would be more appropriate I would have thought.

My imagination runs wild. Supposing I had been the donor, just imagine, there would now be 150 and more offspring looking like me parading all over the place! A catastrophe of bigger dimension, I can’t visualize.