Shorts To Work.

This article in the Guardian led me to reminisce about my two and a half years in what we called the last outpost of the British Empire in India. I was working for a British company then and posted to our mill location which was in Kerala in the South of India. The mill was set up immediately after independence and we still had British managers coming over to manage the unit from there rather than from a metropolis.

Since Kerala is hot and humid throughout the year, the British managers would wear white shorts and shirts without ties to work and some of the Indian managers and workers also did the same. My mentor Alastair would also wear knee length white stockings and I too did the same. Unfortunately, I am unable to locate any photographs from those days with me in shorts.

I was among those that wore shorts whenever I was in the mill location, which also included a residential area inside the compound. I was in Marketing and had to leave on sales tours frequently and would wear trousers and shirts while away from the compound but once inside, would be in shorts.

I understand that Australians do wear shorts to work in the summer and I request Jim to confirm whether this is true even now.

I think that it is a very sensible attire for hot climates and would really like to see this trend, if it can be called that yet, catch on. I would however be surprised if this became a fashion even in India where the summers can be very hot and humid.

All For A Laugh. Spin Blogger Award.

My readers with any sort of connections with Australia will love to read this very funny blog post.

Having enjoyed the humour part of it, it is only fair that we read all the comments to discover that it is a hoax.

On the other hand, if you go to my blog post Indian Sense Of Humour, you will see a take off of a different kind from that wonderful Indian blog Faking News which instead of breaking news publishes faking news. Along with my morning cup of tea, that blog is my daily fix of humour every morning.

If as the Court has ordered, Mr. Tiwari submits himself to DNA testing and it is proved that the litigant is in fact his son, I wonder what a spin doctor will come up with on behalf of Mr. Tiwari.

I propose a contest the winner of which, will get a specially designed “Spin Blogger” award. There is just one rule for entries. Write a spin on Mr. Tiwari’s peccadilloes. I shall announce a panel of three judges soon who will decide the winner. The post can be on the blogger’s own blog with just a mention of this post for reference and a mail to me at [email protected] to inform me of the post.

Australia And India.

This post is dedicated to my blogger friend Jim at Personal Reflections.

The post itself has been triggered by a mail from my friend Sandeep parts of which I quote:
– “Indians and Australians often have warped views of each other’s countries. Many Indians view Australia as a country of ill-mannered, drunken, racist  louts who beat up Indan students in racist attacks. Australians view India as dirt poor (not  true), unsafe (not true again), unsanitary (partially true) and chaotic (true). The adverse publicity that India got in the Australian press in the run-up to the Commonwealth Games recently was extraordinarily bad and in some cases, borderline racist. It is ALWAYs dangerous to stereotype.”

Sandeep went on to lead me to an article in an Australian paper, which in turn led me to others and I give a sequence of articles that disproves some of the wrong notions that both countries have about each other at the macro level.

Article One.

Article Two.

Article Three.

Article Four.

Jim, I salute the Australian Press. I also salute the Delhi Police who handled the last night’s celebrations with maturity and understanding.

Blogger From Australia

I have been fortunate in finding and making friends with an Australian blogger by the name of Jim Belshaw whose blogs are truly fascinating to read.

His recent series after his visit to China, and subsequent posts on the financial mess etc all make extremely interesting reading.

When, in one of his posts, he had asked his readers to suggest what he can write about, I had suggested that he writes about the Australia/India connection and he prompltly obliged.

He has not only written an amazingly informative post, he has dedicated it to me. I am truly grateful Jim for this magnificent gesture.

I recommend that Jim’s blog be given a visit to learn some things about Australia and Australians.