An Award From A Blogger.

My young blogger friend Anki from A Student’s Diary, has bestowed a great honour on me by awarding me with the “Versatile Blogger Award”. Considering her exuberance, I am left speechless and embarrassed but that is tempered with a lot of gratitude for her choosing me! Quite why she thinks that I am a versatile blogger however beats me!

As required when accepting the award, I have to share eight things about me with my readers and here they are.

1. I am 67 going 68 years old – Anki, that makes me grandfather material.

2. I live in Pune, Maharashtra, and that makes me a Punekar. Punekars are considered to be a bit odd by other Maharashtrians. I believe that it is an understatement.

3. I have lived in Pune for the past twenty years and would not like to live anywhere else in the world.

4. I am a widower and miss my late wife terribly.

5. There are some widows in my locality who think that I am fair game and try to get my attention. When they discover my financial status, they disappear.

6. I am the butter between two slices of bread at home. One slice is my 93 year old father and the other is my 39 year old son who lives with me. That is typical in my life the 93 is just reversed 39. The year of birth for them too is the same ’17 and ’71.

7. There are a zillion things that I would like to do before I pop off. I am however constrained by my care giving responsibilities from doing those things.

8, Despite that, I am usually a cheerful and optimistic bloke. Most people who know me personally think that it is unnatural to be so.

Anki, I hope that you will approve.