Help! I Am Confused.

As I write this, I am coming out of an attack of cold and fever, which is normal for this time of the year for me. Without fail, every year, after the rains, I get this attack and it lasts between a week and ten days. I am also used to getting all sorts of advise about what is to be done for it and I generally agree with all advisers and ignore the advise. Unless it persists and gets stronger, I do not take any medication for it.

I am however fascinated by the amount of money and effort that is spent on research on these matters. Strange as it may seem, today, I chanced up on two news items from two different sources which explain what I mean.

The first one that I read was from the BBC News. The report would have me believe that cleanliness has to be ensured by cleaning up the medium of cleaning. I would have to disinfect the shower head each time before I took a shower.

The next one makes sense to me and it is from the venerable New York Times. I am fairly regular in following the advise given, but after reading the BBC report, I wonder whether I have to clean the taps every time that I use running water to wash my hands.

If I paid serious attention to such reports, I suppose that there is the likelihood of my become a compulsive obsessive hand, tap and shower head washer, needing further medical and psychiatric care. What would I need to do then?