Alopecia Totalis – II

I have this impish lady friend who forms part of the gang that inspires me with ideas for new posts. On reading my post Alopecia Totalis, she decided to have a bit of fun and sent me this cartoon strip.

For those in my age group, if you click on the image, you will be better able to read and enjoy the enlarged version of the cartoon.

Among the other endearing things that my lady friend calls me, after this post, I am sure that she will call me a cartoon too. What say you lady friend?

The Tuckloo Club.

Tikno from love-ely expressed the wish that I publish a photograph of the tuckloo club and I have decided to do so here. You can see an enlarged version by just clicking on the image.

tuckloo club
tuckloo club

From left, Huseina, Vimlu, Chandru, Abbas, Urmeela and yours truly. You can see the fading evening light reflecting off the bald pates of the famous tuckloos.