Alopecia Totalis.

This post has been inspired by two developments. The first one was during a chat with a friend when I was told that women wear wigs after loss of hair following treatment for cancer and that the care giver must be aware of the discomfort that a wig can cause on sensitive skin. This led me to speculate on why people wear wigs at all. My friend and I concluded that it was due to vanity and a sense of insecurity. I however wondered why more men go bald than women and am yet to find a satisfactory answer.

I am quite bald. My top is almost totally bald and the few hairs that I have are on the fringes. It has never bothered me and I never tried anything to prevent hair loss or tried to cover the baldness with a wig. So, it always amuses me to see men wearing wigs which makes them look comic rather than attractive. At least to me, they do.

Here are two great baldies. Just see how handsome they are.

For the uninitiated, they are Telly Savallas and Yul Brynner. I wish that I could go completely bald like they look here. The condition is called Alopecia Totalis, the title of this post. If I could get there, I will save a lot of money and time spent at the barbers. May be, I will look better too! What do you think?

The point is that these two stars did not hide their baldness. We in India have a star Rajnikant, who in real life does not cover his baldness with wigs and this is what he looks like when he is not acting.

And when he is acting in a role, this is what he looks like.

Rajnikanth is a super star in South India, and his fan following does not mind seeing him in his natural avatar.

On the other hand, we have a North Indian super star Amitabh Bachhan who refuses to be seen off screen or on it without a wig.

Another old fading star Dev Anand looks really comic with his wig.

After all those observations of my likes and dislikes about wigs, I come to the second inspiration for this post. That is Conrad’s post – Hmmm … Have I Become My Own Imposter? You must read my comments there to appreciate my views on baldness. To add further masala, Looney‘s comment there is worth its weight in gold.

There is a grand looking lady who comes to our local park for walks who is almost totally bald. She does not cover her head or wear a wig. When I mentioned this to my friend on the chat, she promptly advised me to stop her in her tracks and ask her for an interview. Once the rains stop and I resume my walks, I intend doing precisely that and shall hopefully have a woman’s point of view on this very interesting subject.

Do any of my lady readers have some information on courageous bald women who do not wear wigs? I would appreciate some feed back and perhaps even a guest post.

My Baldness And Spam.

All my readers know that I am bald. Not quite totally, but sufficiently enough to be called a baldie. I have no problem with being bald and find it quite convenient to be so.

What intrigues me however is the fact that one spammer or perhaps more than one, has chosen to target me for a baldness cure enterprise.

Akismet caught seven spam comments on my post Miss. Tibet.

I unspammed all of them so that my readers can have a look at these very enlightening comments.

What intrigues me are the questions, how did they know that I am bald and why did they choose Miss Tibet as the post to spam on!