An Utopia In The Making? Auto Ban??

I had commented on Nick’s post “A Lethal Lapse“, that perhaps the best solution to the increasing incidents of fatal automobile accidents, is to go back to the old ways of living – sans automobiles. Grannymar and I had a separate discussion on whether it would be possible to modify and use slower electric cars etc. Since I do not own an automobile and am perfectly willing to revert to the old ways of living, I am all for going back to nature as it were.

Actually, I am nostalgic for the leisurely, unhurried days of steam engine trains, electric trams and local trains, public buses, bullock and horse drawn carriages, bicycles, tricycle rickshaws and the nice discussions with strangers while asking for directions. Only total nitwits got into accidents those days.

It therefore came as a very pleasant surprise to read about an entire town that has done away with the automobile. Perhaps there is hope for mankind after all!

“Roads kill. Every year, 1.27 million people die in road accidents around the world. Road accidents is currently the ninth leading cause of death in the world.” That is not all. Globally, about 50 million people are involved in non fatal accidents every year.”

I wonder what sort of reaction this post will generate! I suspect that there is going to be a great deal of indignation to say the least!