A Spineless State Government And Vote Bank Politics – II

“Dhaka Book Fair in Muslim majority Bangladesh now successfully launched my book. Kolkatta Book Fair in Muslim minority India could not.”
~Taslima Nasreen.

Please use the link to learn about this courageous lady, Taslima Nasreen.

It was the turn of our West Bengal government to cater to the lowest denominator for vote bank politics and Taslima has said exactly what needs to be said succinctly and obviously with a lot of pain.

But the people of West Bengal have extended her the support that she so richly deserves.

When will our Politicos and Babus realize that the people want them to be different?

After having written that post, this article in The Times Of India was published which too is worth a read. The problem Ms. Tasleema Nasreen, is that the Indian version of secularism is a whole lot of hogwash. The people who shout loudest about secularism in India do not know what that means.