Second Childhood.

Last Sunday, I noticed something that rang a bell. From early morning my father had been his usual dour self with a hang dog expression on his face. When Ranjan woke up, he advised my father to get ready to go for a hair cut, which my father had been wanting to, the last few days.

When I saw my father leaving for the hair cut, there was an amazing transformation. He looked bright, had a spring in his gait and was ready to take off without an escort, till I stopped him and advised him to wait till Ranjan finished his phone call that he was taking in the garden.

Subsequently, I noticed that his gait and demeanour changes to that of a suffering patient, if there is somebody watching him; whereas if no one is around, it is absolutely normal.

No, I am not exaggerating. I have seen this by watching him from upstairs when he goes to the door to collect the news papers and the milk, when he thinks that I am upstairs busy with my morning exercises.

A classic child’s behaviour to draw attention and sympathy which leads me to believe that there is Second Childhood.