In my last post on Earworm, PR has left this comment. “Beautiful song…first time I’m hearing this…the next song on the list Yeh Moh moh ke dhaage is my favourite.” The following clip will show why that song is her favourite.

This post however, is not to popularise that song but to talk about a remarkable actress Bhumi Pednekar. She is the actress in the clip and played the role of an overweight wife in a remarkable family drama called Dum Laga ke Haisha.

I admire her acting ability and have not missed any of the movies in which she has acted. In Dum Laga Ke Haisha particularly, to play the part, she deliberately put on weight and then to become her normal svelte self, went on a diet and exercise regime to lose it. What professionalism!

The lyrics of the song in the background is a love song full of longing and love for the man. It loses its power in translation but, for those interested, the song translates into English as follows:

These strings of attachment,
have got entangled in your fingers
I seem to get no clue,
how to untie these knots..
Every cell in my body is a musical instrument,
that passes through the clouds..

You must be a little mad, to have chosen me..
how, how did you listen to everything that was unsaid?

You are day, I am night.
come let’s meet like they both meet in the evening..

This heart wasn’t so carefree earlier..
letters seem to have found
a new address..
this heart wasn’t so carefree earlier..

On the empty street, I walk with my eyes closed,
I’ll reach at least somewhere even if for no reason..

Shubh Mangal Savdhan.

I had been seeing trailers for Shubh Mangal Savdhan the last few weeks and seeing two great young actors, Bhumi Pednekar and Ayushmann Khurrana in it, had decided to see it at the earliest. It was released over ten days ago, but due to various factors including one cancelled show when I had to see another film, I was able to see it only earlier this after noon.

I was not disappointed.

First off, the story is about a young man’s erectile disfunction coming in the way of a grand romance and marriage. For India, that is an amazing leap into modern movie making handling such a sensitive subject. That itself needs a big round of applause for the producers, director and the cast who were willing to take the risk of being part of the team that dared to approach this subject.

It also makes eminence sense that the producers and the director chose comedy as the medium to handle the subject. They have done a very effective job of doing exactly that.

What can I say about the favourite actors? They came up to my expectation and how. Both are remarkable young talents with many years of acting ahead of them, and I hope to see many movies with them together and/or individually.  Their talent has been very effectively brought out by excellent direction and cinematography which too need praise.

The biggest selling point for the film however is the short duration of its run. Just about two hours!

If you can get to see it, don’t miss it.