A Walk In The Woods – The Book.

Tammy has this fascinating post on Old Men up in her blog which is worth a read and even more interesting are the comments and responses from her to them.

I had commented there – “Here is another old man appreciating what you say about old men though I may not be as rugged as Redford and Nolte! Neither Blu Ray nor DVD has been released yet, but I intend reading the book first. It will of course go to the back of the list of books to be read!” and she had responded in her inimitable and typical style with:

there you are you old rascal. shamed into it! LOL.
all is right in my world now.
i am also going to read the book.

I sent for the book and it arrived in two days’ time. Since I had read the author’s two earlier books I was curious as to what he had written that could have persuaded someone to make a film of it and so, instead of shoving it to the back of the list of “To Be Read” books, I commenced reading it immediately and finished reading it yesterday.

Now I am more than eager to watch the movie because the book is a travlogue though quite typically funny and engaging. The role played by Nick Nolte is a very small one in the book and I am curious as to how his role could have been stretched.

This ofcourse led me back to my experience with Wild and I wonder if something like this or completely different will be the result of the making of the film version.

I can’t wait to see the film.