Another Eventful Day.

Eventful because of a great lunch in the company of Ramesh and Ranjan with the owner of the restaurant Naresh, personally seeing to it that we were kept well fed and entertained! Simple but tasty and filling.

Mutton Biriyani with onion raitha.

And Chili Fried Paneer.
paneer chili

A brief nap at home after that indulgence and a matinee show to see Vishwaroopam.

I wanted to see this film particularly because of the controversy raised before its release in Tamil Nadu. I personally did not find anything controvesial in it that could have hurt Muslim sentiment and am willing to give credence to the idea that it was politically motiviated. If anything, the film portrays the motive of the jihadists in good light and I do not see what could be objectionable about it,

Gratitude List – April 7, 2012.

Karl landed up in the evening for a chat and we had dinner at the FW. A great time was had and it was nice seeing Karl enjoying his retirement. We intend doing more of this in the future. Post dinner, some nice stimulating discussions with Sunil put me in a great frame of mind and I read up on some matters to face his challenges in the future.

Mangal came back to work on Sunday. Phew! After my walk to and in the park, I went shopping and was offered a lift back home by Marissa who insisted on spoiling me. I took up on that offer and rode home. My father developed some heaviness in his chest and I was able to get the proper treatment from my doctor sister in law, which gave him immediate relief.

Monday, with Mangal back in action, I got enough time to get back to my old routine, which included a vigilant communication with one of India’s leading newspapers about a goof up which they promptly rectified after tending an apology and thanking me for the tip off. I had the electricians over to replace a defective fan regulator and was very gratified to see the water levels in the battery for the inverter at satisfactory levels. There was no need for any top up. I submitted my father’s twice a year claim for medical expenses reimbursement online without the usual hassles I used to have in the past with the system. Phew!

Tuesday went peacefully till the evening when my father again complained of unease and I took him to the doctor. He was diagnosed with a mild congestion of the chest and treated for it. My father however believes that he is being given placebos. Strange how his mind works, but as long as he stops complaining, I am blessed.

On Wednesday morning, my father once again started off with his ailments and insisting that I consider second and third opinions about getting himself fitted with a pace maker. I flatly refused and suggested that if he wanted to do that, he better find some one else to take the responsibility for his hospitalisation and recovery. I however went back to our family doctor for confirmation that the stand I took was what he wished, and he confirmed it. By late afternoon, my father seemed reconciled to the idea of medication, its side effects and discomfort for his condition. It also helped that his congestion seemed to have reduced.

Thursday was the last evening that Shanmugham had to spend with all of us at the park as he was leaving early on Friday morning to Tamil Nadu to spend the next six months with his other children. It was also Chandru’s birthday and we had a birthday cum farewell party at the park with a lot of well wishers participating. It was also the birthday of Rhea, my neighbour’s grand daughter and my mascot. She sent a piece of her birthday cake to round up my day.

Late Thursday evening however, I got news from Mangal’s family that she had to be readmitted to the hospital, with a suspected stroke. Later, I was informed that she was stable but will need to be in the hospital.

Friday, I was back in the kitchen and cooked up a biriyani with soya chunks. Much appreciated by the Senior and Junior and I had a good helping too! Late in the evening I received a call from Anil just to say how happy he was to have me as a friend. That was a nice end to a rather tiring day.