Morbid? You Decide.

On reading my post Are You Leaving? my friend A called me up to berate me for being morbid.

I do not think that my post was morbid. Morbid would be when I am obsessed with death. I am not.  It is just the one truth that cannot be denied and I have accepted that it will come to me some time.

The opposite of death is not life.  It is birth.  There is no opposite to life.  Life simply is but offers us duality in every aspect of it.  We have made one part of that morbid by not even wanting to use the word death.  We use words like passing away, has gone to God etc to express our discomfort with one real fact of life that at some point of time, it will happen to each of us.  All that I maintain is that I have lived a full life, have no regrets and am now ready to face whatever happens in death.

I have given  my take on the subject and leave you to decide whether I was morbid or just practical.