Special Day.

For me, September 30 has always been a very special day as it is the birthday of three very special people in my life. The first, my late younger brother Arvind who would have been 74 yesterday had he just lived for two more months.

The next, my childhood friend and innovative farmer Babu about who I wrote here.
And the third, my lovely niece Vandana the actor director that I wrote about here.

So, yesterday was a day of mixed emotions till late evening when my daughter in love surprised me further with this.

And this:

A roller coaster day alright. First, in response to my birthday greetings, a longish WhatsApp message from Vandana all the way from California, next, a video Clip of Babu cutting a birthday cake, next the photograph right on top of this post coming up in our WhatsApp family group page and finally the last two photographs.

Happy Birthday Appa And Padmini

In our immediate family, the eldest and the youngest share the same birthday, which is today.

The eldest is my father who starts off his 94th year today. He, like our cricketing legend, Sachin Tendulkar, is totally calm and composed and does not show any symptoms of the nineties jitters. I am sure that he will hit a century.

The youngest, the apple of all our eyes and a source of great inspiration about who all of us can write tomes, is Padmini. Our sister. She is now starting off her 62nd year and looks all set to give a good showing for some more years. Since she too comes from a family of long lived women, here is hoping that she too will hit a century.

Here is wising both of them a happy birthday and best wishes for many happy returns too.