“The first one who uses ‘but’ has lost the argument”
~ Nassim Nicholas Taleb

Now there is a great thought. A complete Black Swan as it were! Till I came across that statement from that maverick, it had not occurred to me at all.

Had it to you?

And Nandu, no, it is not a typo!

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The Turkey.


Maxi, our fellow LBC blogger has an interesting post in her blog on a guy who breeds wild turkeys and nurtures them, A very moving tale and worth a read.

Interestingly enough, I had an occasion to read about the country Turkey just immediately after reading Maxi’s post and I was wondering about the synchronicity of the two events, when bang came a phone call from a friend who wanted me to tell him about the black swan story that Nassim Taleb tells.

Taleb is well known for a parable he tells of a turkey (presumably in the United States) and of a turkey farmer. From the perspective of the turkey, the farmer is an absolutely wonderful character, providing endless food, adequate shelter, and ample opportunities for socializing with its kind — until the day the farmer slaughters the turkey for the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday.

I had just concluded telling him of the story and giving him the reference of the book when the door bell rang and I received a hamper of food from a neighbour who had slaughtered a goat in the morning for a special occasion. And I thought to myself of the great days that the goat must have had being fed nice things till that morning!

I can think of a few wonderful farmer type of fellows who had led me up the garden path and slaughtered me! I am sure that my readers can think of such characters in their lives too.