1984 Is Here.

My brother Arvind spent almost a month with me recently and he had a smart phone. He could do all kinds of things with it like read his email, take and store photographs and movies with sound, record and store music, locate places on maps and so on and so forth.

Though I was tempted to get myself one, I am now glad that I do not use a smart phone. My son and heir, who uses a Blackberry, advises me against it as to use one, one has to be smart first. He is convinced that without him around, I am not. Even if I did use one, I doubt that Big Brother will bother to tap into my smart phone as, what juicy information can he get? And whose cell phone would I be interested in tapping into?

How about you? Do you use a smart phone? Will seeing this clip change your mind about continuing to use it?


This is a weird story that I heard just a couple of hours ago.

There is this flashy dude who jogs and runs at the neighbourhood park, with who I have a nodding acquaintance. In the last few years that i have known him, I have never exchanged more than a few words at a time with him.

Today however, he decided to come and sit next to me when I had finished my rounds of walking to seek my advise.

To cut a long story short, he had gone to a local hotel’s restaurant for its buffet lunch and after lunch, used the toilet. While he was at it, a phone call came on his Blackberry which he attended to. Before he could safely put it away, the gadget fell into the toilet bowl. Considering how expensive, it is, our man fished it out, as it had dropped into the bowl after he had flushed. He came out and washed his hands and the gizmo with the soap in the wash room and rushed home to wash all over again with dettol and then tried to dry the Blackberry with a hair dryer. It does not work.

He wanted my advise as to where he can find some shop open on a Sunday to fix the problem. I could not help him and found it extremely difficult not to break out into roaring laughter at the story. Thank God, he decided to go to someone else to seek advise.

Had it been someone better known to me, I would have milked the story to some length and got some laughter out of it, but it was not to be.

Any way, the moral of the story, I suppose, is not to use the mobile phone in the toilet!

I am however curious as to what one would do if the same thing happened. Would one fish the handset out at all? If one did, what would be the right thing to do to get it to work?