Commenting On Blogspot Blogs

This post is for all the blogs that I read and comment on regularly.

Since the last more than a week I have not been able to comment on any posts of blogs on the Blogspot platform.

When I go to the comment section and click on comments, I get this image.

Despite trying all the three options, I first get a message saying “Publishing please Wait” and after a few seconds another message saying. “Unable to publish at this time. Please try later.”

I have tried many times on each blog to try again, without success.

This change in the Blogspot platform has apparently affected some other commentators too as pointed out by Nick. I have written separate mails to some bloggers on this subject and hope that this problem will soon be solved. Please inform me if Blogspot repairs the commenting system

Please note that I read all the blog posts but am unable to comment due to some glitch in the Blogspot system. Perhaps the bloggers concerned should take this up with Blogspot’s Administration.

Thank you.