Steve Balmer, Thelma And Louise.

Life comes up with unexpected treats of various kinds, and it happened to me again. A friend of mine sent me a link to this fascinating speech by Steve Balmer at the Oxford Union Debating Society after he retired from Micro Soft. This video itself is worth spending time on.


Right at the beginning Balmer asks the students if they had seen the movie Thelma and Louise and most students look blank. He prods further by stating that this was the first film in which Brad Pitt acted. No doubt thinking that it would elicit some response from the female students sitting there, to no effect whatsoever.

I however remembered seeing this film on TV many years ago but did not remember seeing Brad Pitt or he did not register then. I therefore decided to send for the DVD and I saw it earlier this evening on DVD.

Quite why Balmer asked that question in the context of his speech beats me. Unless it is to point out that in real life many things happen to be people without any plan or purpose and quite often one just gets carried away allowing events to overtake one. Believe me, this happens in corporate life quite often and perhaps that is what Balmer wanted to point out and like Thelma and Louise do, corporations too can take off into the blue yonder like Enron did or our own flashy Kingfisher Airlines did.

Be all that as it may, seeing the film was an exhilarating experience and I enjoyed every minute of it despite seeing it for the second time, though after 22 years. The woman centered theme, the twists and turns and magnificent photography all add up to some awesome viewing experience. The Thunderbird as a serious member of the cast is very impressive too!