Gratitude List – November 12, 2011.

Saturday gave some tense moments when a consignment urgently needed by one of my clients did not arrive on time. I had to chase the carriers in three different locations to see that it was delivered before my client ran out of stock and his machines stopped. He was very happy, but not as happy as I. He immediately placed another order for a fresh supply and that was worth all the tension of the morning. Modern telecommunication has its uses.

Another client too was happy with the service rendered last week to him and placed a fresh and larger order.

Ranjan gave me a wonderful massage. Total bliss and I went off to sleep during the process!

Our young friend Mitali came over for lunch on Sunday and stayed on till late evening entertaining me to the best of her ability. Weather being peculiar with changing temperature and humidity, I was quite uncomfortable and her presence was like a balm.

My cup over flowed on Monday. To start with, Dilesh who I had known since he was a troubled teen-ager and his lovely wife Deepa landed up unannounced from Mumbai. I attended their wedding on a day that is written in blood in Mumbai, it was the day of serial blasts in 1993 and missed being blown to smithereens by a whisker, when a bomb went off just after I had passed where it was planted. Dilesh outgrew his teen age problems and has progressed well enough
to have just been made Executive Director for the Indian arm of a global investment bank. To celebrate the occasion he bought a brand new car and came to show that off, inform me about the promotion and to take my blessings. It is always a pleasant experience to see young proteges do well and this was no exception. Their 17 year old son has just got admission to a prestigious College of Engineering and that was another cause for joy. Deepa and Dilesh stayed for lunch and to add further joy to me, from the car, Dilesh sent me this message.
“It was really nice seeing you after such a long time. You always have been & are my most respected person who has inspired me and influenced me in many ways. Tks for all Sir:))”
Gratitude and respect for elders has not disappeared completely among the young. Here are two photographs of the three of them during their recent vacation in New Zealand. Young Shivu had his dreams fulfilled when he went on a sky dive and a bungee jumping binge.

Next came a very practical advise from another unexpected source. Another young person, all the way from Dublin. Thank you Elly. I am overwhelmed with your affection and concern.

My father was sitting minding his business in our veranda and when it became dark, moved back inside to discover that he has been bitten by some insect on his ankle with a great deal of swelling. He urgently wanted some medicine, and my ever willing neighbour Susan, luckily shopping near a medical stores, promptly bought it and brought it over for him.

Tuesday had me cooking again. Two dishes, one cooked by me and one cooked under my supervision both turned out well and both the critical consumers at home had generous helpings while the younger one complimented me. Tuesday also had me book another substantial order from a client. This month promises to be good for business.

Wednesday morning, my garden presented me with the first Hibiscus flower of the season. It was also a momentous day for me. For the first time since I came back from the hospital, I left home to take an X-ray. I was able to manage the three steps by supporting myself on Ranjan’s shoulder and got in and and out of the car without any difficulty. I was also able to hobble about 100 Mts up and down to the X-ray unit in the hospital on my own.

Our neighbour Susan surprised us with a home baked pie specially made for me with vegetables as she knows that I am a vegetarian. It was out of the world.

I kept my appointment with the surgeon for post surgery follow up, on Friday. The good news is that I have made good progress in the six weeks since the surgery and the bad news is that I have some more to go before he will let me do the jig. I have to meet him again by end of December. Till them, while some restrictions have been removed, I have been cautioned to to easy on putting weight on the operated leg for some more time.

Majiree came over and brought some very welcome chocolates! She also saved me from some blushes before she left. I found out what she had done after she had gone and when I woke up remembering the chore I had to do and which I had not. Thank you Manjiree.