The Lunch Date Finally!

My day had started at 4.45 AM as I had to drop Ranjan off at the airport to catch an early morning flight to Bengaluru. I enjoyed the drive despite the rain because there was hardly any traffic and no pedestrians and two wheelers on the road. Such a good start to the day augered well for the rest of the day as you will see below.

The much looked forward to and much postponed lunch date took place yesterday. The way it was raining, I thought that may be it would have to be postponed again but RB picked me up from my home after a grueling drive due to traffic jams, and we went to a nice restaurant close by.

The food was excellent, the conversation better, and it was anti-climax time. The only snag in the whole exercise was that the coffee machine was kaput and the chef had to personally apologise and offer traditionally brewed coffee instead of a cappuccino that RB wanted. When it came, that was in some ways better than the machine-made would have been!

The coffee episode made me brag about my coffee making skills with my home espresso coffee maker and RB promptly invited herself for a few cups soon. She has also promised to bring the ingredients to make bhelpuri and panipuri , so that we do not end up drinking just coffee. Wonderful!

I was dropped back at home in style and on entering found that my daughter in law Manjiree had come home for lunch and that was a bonus. Manjiree was mightily pleased that I had worn trousers and a shirt after a long time and teased me for dressing up for the date. She was really happy because she had bought the shirt for me! I did not share the real reason why I chose to go Western rather than my usual comfortable kurta/pajama ensemble. I was too lazy to iron one set whereas the trouser/shirt combo was just hanging in the closet waiting to be worn! What came as a pleasant surprise to me was that I was able to comfortably wear the combo as I have not put on any weight despite the indulgences during my recent visit to Chennai!

All in all, a good day. Thank you RB.

Progress! I Saw A Movie.

In my Intentions-2012 post I had written about getting out of the house more than I did last year.

Yesterday, I went out to check out a new restaurant that has opened near our home and I had a bit of adventure there about which you will read in my Weekly Gratitude List come this Saturday.

Today, I went to a multiplex to see a movie which has received great reviews. I preceded the movie with a visit to Cafe Coffee Day, which is the Indian equivalent of the American Starbucks. I had absolutely mind blowing cappuccino and traipsed across to the multiplex to see “The Descendants” starring George Clooney.

And, as icing on the cake, I had the delightful company of Mitali who is no stranger to my readers.

I saw a movie after almost ten years and it was a great rediscovery of going to the movies. For those who have not seen the movie, I strongly recommend “The Descendants”. It is a family drama and the cast without exception perform brilliantly, taking an ordinary story to great heights.

Now that I have discovered the joy of modern movie going experience, I intend viewing many more in the days to come.