I Am A Nepotist.

I am not quite upper class, but am classified for our census and affirmative action purposes as Upper Caste. Why do I suddenly want to talk about this? Please read this article in the NYT about nepotism in our country. It is completely true and we are indeed a nepotistic country.

Neither my late paternal grandfather nor any of his children could practice nepotism. But all his grand children, including yours truly practice nepotism either overtly or covertly. On the other hand, from my maternal grand father’s children, two of them most decidedly practiced nepotism and their offspring, my cousins today are flourishing due to that. In fact, one set of two brothers, my cousins unfortunately cannot practice nepotism because, their offspring do not want to have anything to do with the businesses that they run. Let us not go into the whys of that situation, but suffice it to say, that the third generation seems to have minds of their own and do not want to follow in the footsteps of their parents.

I personally have no objection whatsoever to the practice of nepotism, having seen that in practice during my employment days.

I am however rather amused that the NYT should write this article as, the USA is no less nepotistic. There are business and political dynasties there too, as much as there are such dynasties in the UK.