The Ubiquitous Cellphone.

This is a story that cannot wait.

I heard this from an impeccable source.

It is summer and in many parts of North India, families sleep in one or two rooms fitted with desert coolers. Desert coolers are based on the simple principle that when unsaturated air comes in contact with water, the water evaporates. In the process, the moisture content of air increases, while its temperature decreases. The resulting cold but moist air is used for providing cooling. Thus a desert cooler is a simple device, which consists of an arrangement for blowing dry and hot air over a wet surface and an arrangement for keeping the surface wet continuously. The cooler normally consists of a blower and a pump. Desert coolers are economical (both initial and running costs are low) and are effective in hot and dry areas. They are not effective in humid areas.

The story that I heard is, that last night, at 2.30 am, a lady received a call on her cell phone. Her daughter, sleeping next to her woke up but not the lady. It was the father calling and the child tried to wake her mother up only to be told to tell the father that the mother was fast asleep.

The punch line of the story is that the father was in the next room.