Fathers Day.

My household has not celebrated any festival or special day like birthday, anniversary etc for decades. So, for the first time ever, my son Ranjan gave me a big hug for fathers day and a gift I was overwhelmed.

Two other adopted sons too called me from far away places to wish me and it was embarrassing. And to cap it all, I got this SMSfrom an adopted grand daughter: “A very happy fathers day to you! God bless! You are an amazing dad!”

Thank you Moni.

So, I decided to do something for my father too. Ranjan came to the rescue and went shopping for something that the former had been wanting for some time. My father was happy.

I did something more. I played a stay at home father and changed my father’s diaper.

Okay, it is not anything special that I did for fathers day, but I can’t help wonder if karma is all that it is cranked up to be. From all accounts from my late mother, my father never changed my diapers when I was in need of such a service. Inevitably either she or a servant did. On the other hand, I did change Ranjan’s diapers often when he was a child.

Talking about karma, a few days ago, my father, oddly enough, while I was changing his diaper lamented “What negative karmic effect is this that you have to suffer like this?” I answered that it was not his negative karma that I was suffering but mine. In fact, it was his good karma that he had me in his life to do it for him!

If I did not have such moments of inspiration, by now Ranjan would have been changing my diapers.