Bridget Jones’s Baby.


Still The Lucky Few in her comments on my post Akira had suggested that I review some chick flicks and here is one!

While it can stand alone on its own merits, it still would be better if the viewer has seen Bridget Jones’s Diary. The action is ten years later to the diary film and some of the characters are the same.

It would also help if you can easily follow the English accents/innuendos if you are used to only Americanese.

Bridget Jones’s Baby is difficult to pigeon hole. It is a chick flick, tragicomedy cum standard bearer for feminism, single parenthood, same sex relationships etc.

With so much going for it, it has to entertain viewers and that it does quite well subject to the provisos contained in the second and third paragraphs of this post. I was very entertained and was glad that I spent the little over two hours of a Sunday watching it. If you can catch it, do see it.

Professional performances by the entire team should be lauded and the concluding scene of the newspaper headline suggesting that Daniel Cleaver is alive would indicate that the franchise is already working on a sequel!