2017 The Year Of The Rooster.

I discovered that 2017 is the Chinese year of the rooster through a blog post by my blogger friend Neil. He is more clued in on such things! His image of the rooster is sure to get a big laugh out of you.

I just thought that I would share this information with my readers as well and also give a link to a site that elaborates further.

My Chinese sign is Water Sheep and my fortune for 2017 says that I would face many ups and downs but would overcome them with ease. I would like to hear something new.

I wish all my readers a very happy 2017.

Year Of The Sheep.


I was born in 1943 and so my Chinese zodiac sign is Water Sheep.

It breaks my heart to read this rather depressing news item in the New York Times. I quote what depresses me from it.

“Sheep are meek creatures, raised for nothing more than slaughter. Babies born in the Year of the Sheep, therefore, will grow up to be followers rather than leaders, according to some superstitions. The children are destined for heartbreak and failed marriages, and will be unlucky in business, many Chinese believe. One popular folk saying holds that only one out of 10 people born in the Year of the Sheep finds happiness.”