I Am Not Surprised!

I have finally been vindicated.

My readers know that I am allergic to bureaucrats and politicians. I have now been given official reason why the former behave in ways that trigger that allergy in me and in zillions of others.

This article in the Guardian, unfortunately generalises from a particular. The survey was restricted to civil servants, in my blessed country, the most uncivil people who do not believe that they are servants anyway.

I refuse to accept that the findings can be extrapolated to what our politicians and bureaucrats now call the civil society, ie all those who are neither politicians nor bureaucrats.

It will be interesting to conduct the survey among politicians. I bet that the findings will be as startling to them as it will not be to me.

In my country, mental dexterity, memory and brain power somehow seems to revive when the Indian proverbial envelope or suitcase is pushed in the right direction. This is a factor that the researchers have not considered. Sad!

Insult To Parliament.

Head of the parliamentary panel on Lokpal bill and party spokesman Abhishek Singhvi of the Congress party claimed that the movement against corruption and the insistence on passing a Lokpal bill was an insult to our Parliament,

I would like to offer a counter argument to Sri. Singhvi.

If anyone has been insulted, it is the Indian citizen who has been led up the garden path by the Congress party. The proposal for the Lokpal bill has been hanging fire from 1968. since then, the Congress party has mostly been in power and mostly with a brute majority in the parliament. If for all these years, the bill could not have been passed and measures taken against corruption in our body politic, our citizens have been insulted and not the Parliament.

Moreover, our respected Parliamentarians have been calling the agitating citizens as the Civil Society. Is it then not obvious as to who is insulting who, and who is the uncivil party in the equation?