My Best, Worst And Most Likely Case Predictions For The World In Five Years.

I am not Nostradamus and I find it extremely difficult to predict what will happen tomorrow leave alone during the next five years. There is so much uncertainty around that it is not funny anymore. Here is the latest ominous sign about the kind of unexpected things that can happen in the future just as this chinese virus came as a surprise.

My best prediction will be that:

  1. Almost all vehicles two wheelers, four wheelers and transportation and agricultural vehicles will run on electricity. Electricity itself will be generated from renewable sources and be non polluting. This single development will realign industry, maintenance and service work forces like never before.
  2. Artificial Intelligence and robotics will be the next big invader into employment and the Service Sector will be the biggest employer throwing unqualified workers out of employment and causing big strain on National budgets. This could raise taxes on working persons causing quite a bit of social unrest.
  3. Working and Learning From Home will be more common than working in offices and learning in schools and colleges, and this will strain the Realty Sector but will reduce traffic on roads and call for different kinds of policing and criminal activities.
  4. Women will increasingly be more visible in high positions and their wages will match male wages.
  5. Hard cash as we now know it will become almost extinct as electronic payment systems will increasingly take over.
  6. Banks as we know now will also disappear as while Banking will very much be there, Banks in physical existence as branches and offices
    will disappear.
  7. As much as I hate to predict this, wearing masks will be as ubiquitous as it is in Japan.
  8. Wireless charging of hand held devices which will be indispensable and will enable people to charge their devices on the go.

    Worst prediction will be that the Clash Of Civilisations will see intense hostilities across the globe and we will see unprecedented refugee problems across the globe. Some trigger-happy lunatic in charge of a nuclear arsenal may start something and none of us may be alive.

    The most likely prediction will be that nothing will change and we will blunder along as we are doing now.

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