Old Ways.

I am currently unable to pay for any shopping done online as I am going through a problem with my bank’s net banking service due to my telephone number not being able to receive OTPs from them. This matter will take a few days to resolve and till it does I would not be able to use the internet banking service.

In the meanwhile, thanks to modern targeted marketing I came across an online bookshop offering some books on Indian Spiritual matters. I decided to buy two books to see how good they are and completed all the formalities till I came to the payment section. I then remembered about my current internet banking problem and gave up the exercise without concluding the transaction online.

This happened yesterday and this morning I was pleasantly surprised to receive a phone call from the online books shop wanting to know why I did not complete the transaction.

On explaining the problem of online payment that I was currently facing, the lady offered to send me the books on Cash On Delivery basis but, that would cost more as the courier companies charged collection charges at the time of delivery.

I then suggested to the lady that she sends the books by VPP and she was stumped. I had to explain what it was and she said that it was the first time that she was hearing about it. I asked her if she was a very young person and she said yes and I understood the reason for her not knowing about VPP.

In any case, she was reluctant to use the VPP system as it  perhaps would mean going to the local post office whereas the courier companies collected from their office. I reluctantly agreed to her sending on COD basis.

The world has changed. People like me need to find ways to adjust to new ways!  Including COD instead of VPP at extra cost.

Have you had any such experiences?

Obsession – II

My regular readers will know a consortium of bloggers called the Loose Bloggers Consortium (LBC) write on the same topic every Friday. Last Friday, it was “Obsession”.

It was an interesting bouquet of posts topped by Conrad’s “Magnificent Obsession”. That is some obsession!

Now, I have come across another incident of Magnificent obsession. A man called Miljenko Bukovic from Chile has his body tattooed like this:


And the subject matter is Julia Roberts.

Another matter struck me like a thunder bolt. There is another Magnificent Obsession going around the blog sphere. The object of the obsession is our very own Loose Bloggers Consortium. Yes, the LBC.

The obsessor? Our very own predictable Ursula. She displays all the classic symptoms of the Compulsive Obsessive. Just visit all the LBC blogs regularly and you will know why I say that. Better, go to her own blog

While I am very pleased to be the object, or at least a part it, of someone’s magnificent obsession, I can’t help wonder if Ursula realizes that it is not very healthy to obsess about such a disparate and perhaps even desperate group of bloggers, who should know better than to blog. None of us are quite Julia Roberts or say Leonardo DiCaprio. Oops, sorry, I should not speak for Grannymar who may indeed believe that she is the former and Ashok and Conrad who may think that they are either the latter or someone even better! I hope that the three will forgive me my presumption, which is actually what my Muse writes and not my creation.

Ursula, I assure you that I enjoy being the object of your obsession. You however have to see whether it is healthy for you. I have many more moons than you behind me and have been the object of obsession for others too and I can handle it. “My significant other right now is myself, which is what happens when you suffer from multiple personality disorder and self-obsession.”

Can you handle your obsession?