A Sales Representative’s Dilemma. – Conclusion.

My readers will recall my earlier post about my young friend and the marital problems that he was facing. To refresh your memory, you may wish to visit the post again.
The advise that I had given to him followed a detailed discussion with him from which I gathered that he had not informed his wife about discussing the matter with him. My first advice therefore to him was to inform her about our discussion and then to suggest that they both meet me together.
This meeting duly took place when I suggested to both of them that since I was not a qualified Marriage Counselor, they visit one to resolve their issues. They agreed, and in consultation with my GP, I suggested a name to them. Both of them promised to visit the Counselor soon and left.
The following day, I received a phone call from the wife’s father who wanted to visit with me and discuss this matter. I had met him only during the wedding and did not know him too well. I however agreed to the meeting and that too took place. The sum and substance of the discussion was that the father felt that his daughter had made a mistake and being the only child, he and wife had agreed to the wedding but now felt that we must seriously advise both to agree for a divorce. He was confident that he would be able to persuade his daughter to agree and requested me to do persuade MYF. With reluctance, but with a sense of foreboding, I agreed to talk to the lad and we parted amicably.
The couple did not visit the Counselor. The wife met her father on the day following her meeting with me and decided to stay put with her parents and face whatever came her way. MYF rang me up to tell me this and to inform me that since she has already moved to her parents’ place and had informed him of her decision, there was nothing left to do but to agree to a divorce by mutual consent and close the chapter.
Let me give you some more background so that you will understand what happened.
The couple met when they were both in college. It was a typical college romance with a number of similar couples meeting together, doing things together and being known as a couple. No sooner they graduated and MYF got himself a job, they got married.
MYF comes from a typical Indian middle class background. They are comfortable, but not wealthy by any standards. The girl on the other hand, comes from a very wealthy background. The father is a highly respected businessman who had built his business from scratch and could be considered as nouveau-rich. The daughter is an only child.
Need I say more?