CommentLuv contest.

As my readers will see, I have got CommentLuv enabled in my blog so that my readers can get their last posts parsed and published.
CommentLuv enables you to reward your blog readers by leaving a titled link to their last post automatically whenever they comment thus encouraging more comments by more people on more posts!
It has been found to increase comments and traffic to blogs and their commentators. It currently runs as a WordPress or Drupal plugin.
You can take advantage of the extended features of CommentLuv by registering your URL with CommentLuv
CommentLuv is currently running an exciting contest and you may just be the lucky winner. Give it a shot. Visit and see for yourself.
The only requirements to participate in the contest are:
Requirements to qualify for the contest
· You must have an account with and register and verify yoursite URL
· You must have a profile description entered at
· You must not spam
The contest registration page is not yet public but you can see the
introduction and requirements at