Fatal Error!


Recently, I have had this message pop up when trying to access my blog, either to access or to comment on or to do any dashboard work.  Please click on it to get a larger version so that you can read the message.

Fatal Error

With the help of my geek son we tried various solutions to solve this problem as some of my readers also wrote to me to say that they were getting this message when trying to access the blog or when they trid to comment.

We have now had to remove about 23000 comments from the older blog posts so that the storage space now becomes available for newer comments. I have retained about 8000 comments going back to November 2012. The comments entered before that unfortunately have had to be deleted.

Since doing that, I have not had the message pop up and I hope that it does not for my readers as well. If it does, please let me know.

Incidentally, if and when the message pops up all you have to do is to refresh the page to continue to go to my blog to access it or to comment on any post.

Thank you for putting up with this minor irritation for some time.