The Underdog Syndrome.

My friend Sandeep is part Bengali and A. K. Bhattacharya a columnist with the Business Standard, one of India’s leading economic newspapers is a Bengali. Bengalis by reputation are considered to be highly emotional people. I am not prepared to comment on that stereotyping, having had the privilege of being married to a part Bengali for forty years.

Sandeep is usually quick off the starting block and AKB is more the long distance runner. Sandeep is a premortem analyst and from all accounts AKB is a postmortem one.

The whole world came to know, thanks to our modern media and its rapid fire spreading of disasters of our Common Wealth Games (CWG) fiasco before the event. The same media played true to type and spread glorious reports of the opening ceremony of the Common Wealth Games.

Sandeep wrote about it before the event and AKB after the event.

You can read Sandeep’s take on the subject in his blog post.

You can read AKB’s take on the subject in his ‘middle’ in today’s Business Standard.

I being an interested observer of both writers’ outputs, leave the field thoroughly pleased with both for being Indian.