Hero Insulted By Zero.

India’s latest hero is Sushil Kumar, who has just won the gold medal in the World Wrestling Championship in Moscow. His mentor and coach is a living legend, another wrestler of great stature Satpal Singh.

Mr M. S. Gill is our honourable minister for sports. Let me give some background about this honourable man. Number one, he is a retired bureaucrat. The last official post he held was as India’s Chief Election Commissioner. He now occupies a position as a Member of Parliament, but not the Lok Sabha to which members are elected but the upper house our Rajya Sabha.

Mr. Gill is now a politician belonging to the Indian National Congress. It is a no brainer how a retired bureaucrat, who was the Chief Election Commissioner gets to be a politician and becomes a Minister in our scheme of things.

He now heads the ministry that is in the forefront of undoing the damage done to the forthcoming Commonwealth Games, commonly called our Conmen’s wealth games with millions of Indian tax payers rupees having disappeared due to corruption.

The Indian tax payer has learnt to accept that skulduggery takes place among India’s bureaucrats and politicians, and my readers of course know what I think of both parasites. Mr Gill is among those rare individuals who are both. A double whammy as it were.

Mr Gill is not very well known in India. Satpal Singh and Sushil Kumar however are heroes, just as our badminton star Pullela Gopichand is. What Mr. Gill has now done can only be called outrageous, unless he pleads that due to old age, his mental faculties are suspect. This is quite possible as he is a retired bureaucrat, which of course means that he is considered over the hill by the establishment. He is a politician, which of course means that he is suspect in the eyes of the tax payer any way.

Mr. Gill, will you have the common courtesy to apologize to a genuine hero who achieved honour for our country despite the establishment?