Easter Guest.

Maria the gaelikaa, Bikehikebabe and I exchanged these messages on FaceBook this morning.

Maria Perry Mohan
Happy Easter to everybody. Jesus is alive!

Cynthia Jones Springer i miss India-the little I saw. I’m glad you’re there along with Ramana to represent India.

Ramana Rajgopaul Yes, in Pune.

Maria Perry Mohan Yes!

I bet that Maria did not have a clue as to what I was talking about. I was talking about this:

And this:

This is Betrand Tustes. A remarkable young man from France who works with a few NGOs in Pune. He joined us for lunch and paid me the greatest compliment a guest can by asking me for the recipe for the special dish that I had made. I am on cloud nine still as I write this.


Pravin who has very generously adopted me as his Uncleji, has this nice post, “Perhaps, eyes are forever” up in his blog.

Aside from the blog, Pravin and I banter with each other on the telephone too and among the other things that we discuss, vitamins for the eyes, if you get the drift, features quite often.

Oddly enough, just a couple of days ago, I was talking to a friend of mine on Skype and she commented that she was able to see the lights reflected on my spectacles. I removed the spectacles and she was thrilled to see my eyes for the first time. She had not seen them without the spectacles, and was quite taken with them! Or at least that is what she gave me to understand.

This was the first time ever in my life that anyone had complimented me on my eyes. Perhaps it is due to my having been wearing spectacles from a very young age and they were always behind a pair of glasses! I can’t remember ever having complimented anyone for having appealing eyes either, though I have of course complimented many on other aspects of their physique or character or whatever.

Sure felt good. Has anyone complimented you on your eyes?