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“Words of praise, gratitude, or thanksgiving expand, set free and in every way radiate energy. You can praise a weak body into strength, a fearful heart into peace and trust; shattered nerves into poise and power; a failing business into prosperity and success; want and insufficiency into supply and support…..”
~ Charles Fillmore.

There is little that we can learn more about gratitude than what has been drilled into all of us from childhood. From “Say thank you” we learnt from our parents, to “Be grateful for what you have got” that we learnt from them as well as other elders, our lives from childhood till we pop off, are filled with advise to be grateful.

We all are certainly grateful for many things, and most of us do indeed express our gratitude at appropriate times to appropriate people. Saying “Thank you” comes very naturally to most of us. In fact, it comes so natural to us that we tend to take gratitude for granted!

That is why, I started to write a weekly post of things that I am grateful for, so that I consciously think of and put in writing, extraordinary things that happen to me on a day to day basis for which I am grateful.

Let us take the quote that I have started this post with. Being grateful for small developments certainly improved my business about which, I have written often in my gratitude lists.

Grannymar, in my last week’s gratitude list post commented – “At this rate you will need a new revolving Door! Enjoy all the attention.” I have been writing about the many people who have been visiting us to spend time with me. In my current ‘house arrest’ situation, being a gregarious person, such visits bolster my spirit and prevents me from going into depression. The visits have certainly been more after I started I started expressing my gratitude for them in writing. In fact, Grannymar was not the only one to comment on that phenomenon, as another friend not only noticed it, he sent me some matter that inspired a post last Monday.

I am convinced that my starting that exercise has improved my life situation quite a bit and I have been able to cope with my first ever experience of being confined to one part of my home for such a long time. Despite having been confined for over eight weeks, I haven’t started climbing the walls, not that I will be able to, thanks to the gratitude lists.

I am grateful for that inspiration which made me think of and put down in writing, extraordinary things that I am grateful for.

While this may surprise my readers, I am also grateful for a lot of synchronicity in my life. As I write this, my attention has been drawn to a number of articles and write ups that have been appearing in various newspapers and magazines as part of the Thanksgiving Day celebrations. One of them is an inspiration by itself, written by John Tierney in the NYT. It is worthwhile reading and rereading this article, which is what I did before I included this paragraph in this post.