My readers will recollect my post of December 4, 2008 on an article by Jerry Davich called the Ground Zero Mentality. In that post I had talked about the book that Jerry and his cousin Dennis Berlien had written called ‘Connections – Everyone Happens For A Reason.’

I have now had the privilege of reading the book. It is a small book by the standard of current surfeit of self help books, only 170 pages long. What it packs however, is a total knock out punch. Once I started reading it, I just could not put it down.

The book essentially talks about reaching out to others and what can happen when one does. It takes us into the lives of some remarkable people and their stories.

Since by nature and inclination, I am a compulsive ‘reacher outer’, a trait that I believe I inherited from both my parents, I could identify with and relate to many of the experiences written about in the book. I have always wondered why most others cannot be like that, and this book comes along at a time when I think is most appropriate.

I strongly recommend this book to my readers. You can get more details about the book, its authors etc, in its website.