The idea for this week’s topic for the Weekly Friday 2 on 1 blog post came to me following a visit to some friends last week to see the new home that they had moved into recently. While we were discussing many things there, being challenged by two very young but sharp minds, their father, no pushover either, observed that though I am not physically very active, mentally I am very curious and keep abreast of many things which he found unusual.

In that particular environment of the whole family taking part in wide ranging discussions, I could not come up with the a repartee that I wanted to but, later, after I came home and had accessed my bank of quotations, I found exactly what I was looking for.

Thomas Freidman in his book The World Is Flat came up with this equation :

I sent the Wikipedia link to my friend and added that I had plenty of CQ and PQ but hardly any IQ.  He responded with :

Bloger Cheerful Monk is another great advocate of curiosity. I wonder what her response to this post will be!

I hope that my fellow blogger Shackman has come up with something as weird as this post in his blog. Please do go over and check.