Mothers Day.

When I came down in the morning, I found a hamper of cookies on the dining table and when I opened the refrigerator to take out the milk for the morning tea, I found two boxes of croissants too. Thinking that they were somethings that Ranjan had kept for some purpose or the other, I let them be.

At 9.00 am sharp, I received a phone call from Nitin to remind me of Mothers day. Urmeela was his mother for all practical purposes for most of his life and he called to say that he missed her.

Later, Ranjan came down and informed me that the croissants and the cookies were for me for being mother and father rolled into one and that Meeta had insisted that I take them for me for Mothers day.

During the rest of the day, I had three other phone calls recalling the mother’s role played by Urmeela in other lives.

The icing on the cake was Aishwarya who came and spent a few hours with me chatting about many things, including my relationship with my mother and hers with her mother. She had lunch with me. She went shopping for a little geegaw for me but was unsuccessful but that she made the effort was touching.

All in all, much to be grateful for!

All in all,