On Wednesday last week Ranjan sought my permission to foster a pup that he had found abandoned just outside our gate. She was limping and had a deep gash on her hind leg. On the condition that after he did what needed to treat her and find a permanent home for her, I allowed the pup to be brought in.

Her wound has been treated successfully and is well on its way to be totally healed. X-ray showed that the limp was due to a hairlne fracture on her front left leg and the vet has bandaged the leg though he says that given rest, it would heal as the process had already started.

She had a collar on when Ranjan found her and is obviously used to human company in a home and likes nothing better than to be among the two of us and anyone else visiting.

I find it shocking that some one had the strength of will to abandon a domestic pet in that condition. I also suspect that whoever abandoned the pup knew that Ranjan does work with stray animals, as otherwise she would not have been abandoned outside our home.

The pack of street dogs that are also Ranjan’s babies as he calls them showed more concern for her and left her alone rather than chase her out of their territory.