Writing By Hand.


The cable TV man came for his monthly subscription after the demonetisation and I had no cash on hand to pay him as I have been doing for the past many years. I explained the situation to him and he suggested that I give him a cheque and that he would not mind waiting while I wrote one out for him.

I was simply zapped! I had not thought of that option at all. I took out my cheque book and discovered that I had not issued a cheque in months. I had made most payments through internet banking by direct transfers and so, had not issued any cheques.

I also found that there was an entry missing in the counterfoils for a cheque that I had issued some time ago, no doubt due to being out of practice!   I had to go to my bank account online to find out details so that I could fill in the counterfoil!

I also found that writing by hand has become difficult and I had to practice signing on a blank paper a few times before I could safely sign the cheque for the cable man. I had to use block letters to write out the name and the amount as well. Apart from not writing anything regularly other than using block letters for my daily tryst with crossword puzzles, my right ulnar palsy acted up while writing the cheque! I have asked the bill collector to find out if I can transfer funds directly into his account and I hope that they would agree to that.

My life, now built around the computer and the internet, has ruined my cursive handwriting which was a very good one!