Indian Films And Long Lost Brothers.

If there is only cliched formula for Indian films that is two or more brothers getting separated in childhood due to some catastrophe or some riot or such events. They grow up in various religions, adopted by different people, or one guy becomes a bad guy and the other becomes a cop or soldier or some other dramatic developments take place.

In the climatic scene, the mother, who will inevitably be a mother and never a father, come to recognize the bad guy, she will always be staying with the good guy, by a scar, birthmark or a tatoo which will be revealed by the shirt getting torn at a critical moment in a fight between the bad guy and the good guy. The picture below is from one such film “Deewar” and you can see the proverbial cop, the bad guy in that suit and the long suffering mother.

Things get quite hilarious when twins get separated and this process goes to its logical conclusion with the inevitable mistaken identities bringing about resolution and relief to everyone concerned. the poster below is for one such film, Kaminey, which is currently the most watched film in India and is sure to be a block buster.

There is always a lady love of the good guy and a one sided love affair from a girl and the bad guy or the bad guy also will lust for the good guy’s girl.

Everything ends well finally with either the bad guy getting bumped off, or sent to jail. In some instances, the lady love waits patiently for the prisoner to serve his time and come out to find her and the whole family waiting to receive him with garlands and admiring looks.

Such films have been box office hits and have made memorable records besides giving to the common language of the masses some famous dialogues and punch lines. They have made great stars out of ordinary hams. Some of the most popular songs have come out of such movies too.

I have traveled a bit and met many people and have heard many real life stories. I have never heard of such separated-at-birth and met after growing up stories, ever. I doubt very much if any of my regular readers would have come across such stories in real life.

I have however been taught a lesson. Although not quite like the formula Indian film, real life appears to have imitated Indian films. I have just read an incredible story which is like a fairy tale. I am sure that this will amaze my readers as it did me.

Have any of you ever come across similar stories in real life?