Weekly Gratitude List – April 21, 2012.

Saturday was uneventful till late evening when the medical reports were delivered to the doctor. Further tests and reports have been asked for which can only be obtained on Monday and I booked an early morning appointment for Monday. My father needed a lot of comforting however about the need for further tests and what they are likely to throw up. I was able to handle that reasonably well.

Manjiri brought a delightfully enterprising gadget for the home about which you can read here.

Sunday was bliss. Mangal came back and immediately took charge. I had a nice meal cooked by her, shut my self off in air-conditioned comfort and had the most blissful siesta of the last few weeks. The two other Rajgopauls were spared the agony of eating my cooking.

On Monday, I was very pleased to be able to drive my father to the diagnostic center in the morning and back and again to the doctors with the reports later in the evening. All systems are clear bar age related minor problems which will be tackled.

Tuesday was relatively peaceful bar a malfunctioning ATM machine. It finally worked and I was able to withdraw some cash for daily expenses. I was also able to go out shopping and to the park for a while after all the troubles of the previous two days.

While shopping I found some delicious looking button mushrooms and the last of the fresh green peas on Tuesday and on Wednesday, I cooked Dhingree Mutter in a rich gravy, which was much appreciated by the Senior and the Junior.

The cardiologist and the Physician visited to examine my father and once again have given a clean chit for everything except a sluggish kidney for which, they gave an injection and have asked for some additional tests. He will have to be given ten of that injection twice weekly and he should be able to improve his immunity levels and general stamina.

At the request of Meeta, I conducted a training program for FW staff which was most satisfying.

On Thursday a technician from the Diagnostic Center came home and took a blood sample. The results clearly indicates that my father had Chronic Kidney dysfunction and has been referred to a Nephrologist. The consultation is most likely to be the coming Monday. It took some major effort to calm him down and to make him understand that there is no emergency and the chances of dialysis is remote as it was in the initial stages.

On Friday I took my father again to the cardiologist and the physician who saw all the reports and insisted that he be seen by a nephrologist. I was able to contact the nephrologist on the phone and fix an appointment for Saturday.