Weekly Recap – 4.

Saturday was saturnine. It rained most of the time and my leg was giving me a lot of discomfort. I avoided moving about as much as possible but cheered up quite a bit when one of our friends on a visit to the South brought back a favourite sweet dish from Chennai.

Sunday was eventful. First thing in the morning, I got to hear this short and powerful speech, thanks to it being brought to my attention by a friend, who I know practices what this lecture talks about.

I had been chasing a carpenter to come and fix a broken lock to my father’s bed room and he finally landed up to do the job. While at home, my father got him to fix a few other things too. The carpenter and my father both were very happy and I, despite being much poorer than in the earlier part of the day, was happy that I could make two guys happy.

My neighbour Husena gave a high-tea to welcome back our friends Kitty and Jamshed who had gone off to Switzerland on their nth honeymoon, for the summer and had just returned. The baldies club with spouses except me as solo met up and had a grand time together. My friend Chandru was nostalgic about the good old days when mutton was cheap and the doctors did not forbid him from eating it.

Monday was very quiet. Since Chandru was so nostalgic, I decided to surprise him with some minced mutton and cooked a dish which got almost finished off by Nos.1 and 3. I then remembered that Chandru is a vegetarian on Mondays and kept his share away in the freezer to surprise him on Tuesday. My nephew Jai loaned me a novel on Kindle. A book that I have been wanting to read but not willing to purchase!

Tuesday saw our help not turning up and we had to get food from a restaurant. All three of us had unusual dishes and were actually happy to have had the opportunity to indulge in take away food. My neighbour Vimlu came across and gifted me with some fantastic Murabba which added to the treat. I did surprise Chandru with the mince and when he thanked me, reminded him to remember me in his will.

Wednesday saw considerable improvement to my leg with more flexibility and less pain. I had to cook again as the help had to catch up with the backlog and ahem, what I cooked turned out alright. I was able to send off two books to a friend in Portugal. The packing was a first attempt success. I had never packed to the specifications of the Indian Postal requirements, and I was very pleased that they accepted the parcel.

Thursday was uneventful. My leg continued to improve and I did not want to risk aggravating it by going out in the rain, though I had thought of going out for a spot of shopping.

Rain continued to play spoilsport and I had a quiet and peaceful day and caught up with some pending reading. I was blessed with a gift from a dear friend. A hand moulded cane which is light and strong and just the thing to lug around on my walks. I was also lucky that I was able to locate a rubber tip/ferrell from my stock instead of having to go shopping for it. (I am grateful to another friend who introduced me to the word ‘ferrell’.)

For the not so good things during the week; My leg continued to be painful but with gradual reduction in the discomfort every day.

One of my mentees lost his mother to a sudden heart attack. She was a grand lady of tremendous character and grit who managed to keep a family together despite serious difficulties. My mentee was very attached to her and is quite devastated.

I lost a very good client to cheap alternative material that has flooded the market here. It will take some time for the client to realize the true cost of low price and revert to me. In the meanwhile, some belt tightening is called for.