My Driving Skills.


Please do note that Donald is driving Daisy in India in a Right Hand Drive vehicle on the left side of the road. Very local!

Not that this post is about Donald and Daisy, but that cartoon always stays in my memory for being so un American!

A young friend dropped in for lunch yesterday and it was quite a hot day. After lunch, I offered to drop her off to where she was going which is just about a couple of kilometers away. She remarked that she has heard a lot about my driving skills but has never experienced me driving her anywhere, but suggested that she should take an autorickshaw instead of me sacrificing my siesta.

I felt that she was perhaps scared to be driven by me as GOK what stories she might have heard about my driving skills and readily accepted her offer to forget being chivalrous and saw her off and had my siesta.

I however wondered subsequently if she was scared or whether she was really being considerate about my siesta! I am still wondering.