Prof. Dominique Moisi, Man To Man?

Dominique Moisi is the author of a book, The Geopolitics Of Emotion, which is a book that needs to be read by all people concerned about the future of our planet. I personally benefited from reading it in that some cherished values that I held had to be changed to accommodate different perceptives.

Moisi’s credentials are impeccable and that is why I find a comment attributed to him to be rather disappointing. He is said to have commented on hearing about Osama Bin Laden’s death as “They did it, and they did it in the most classical, manly way,” said Dominique Moïsi, senior fellow at the French Institute of Foreign Relations. “It wasn’t a drone, it wasn’t technology, it was man versus man.”

What rubbish! One entity used his youngest of heaven knows how many wives, as a human shield to protect himself from being killed. I would not call that a manly way to fight or die. It was not man to man dear Professor. It was, man to mouse.