Fading Gigolo.


For once, I saw a movie that lived up to its reviews and the performances of all the actors too came up to my expectations.  A picture worth seeing for its novel story line.

A very creative story well directed and edited to keep the story moving crisply with some excellent performances thrown in for good measure.  I was quite surprised to see a very subdued and for that realistic performance from Woody Allen but what really blew me away was the performance by Vanessa Paradis as an orthodox Jewish lady.  Sharon Stone and Sofia Vergara were in almost cameo roles but carried them off with aplomb.

The big surprise was the all round performance by John Turturro as writer, actor and director.

There are some amazing scenes of orthodox Jewish life in New York and it was very educative.

And driving up and down with hardly any traffic on the roads was a bonus, the company was scintillating and the lunch at Dominos for an exotic pizza was a nice way to round off a good morning’s outing.

I would rate the overall experience at[rating=6] with just [rating=5] for the picture.