Another Achievement.

For the past many years, due to my replaced and revised hips, I have restricted my driving of cars to local runs and if I have to go into the city, I generally hire a driver on an hourly basis or take a taxi cab or an auto-rickshaw to avoid the hassles of parking and unruly traffic. For long distance drives, I have inevitably hired drivers as I just did not have the confidence of being able to drive long distances and manage break downs or flat tires on my own.

During my recent vacation in Delhi, my friend Anil drove me around despite his own physical problems and was very inspiring. I also have envied Grannymar who drives around all over Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland all by herself. So, when I found an excuse to visit my cousin in Vashi, 140 Kms away from my home, I decided to emulate Grannymar and Anil and drive to Vashi and back.

To cut a long story short, I did so yesterday and returned this morning after having spent the night with my cousin at his home. I did have a small mechanical problem on the way up in the Expressway, which I was able to tackle with aplomb and reach Vashi in one piece. I got the small problem attended to at Vashi and had no problems at all on the return journey. And what is more, I thoroughly enjoyed the driving! It has been such a long time that I drove like that!

Grannymar and Anil, I thank both of you for the inspiration. I intend taking off on more such long drives in the future too.